Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thumbs Out, Thumbs In – Off With Their Thumbs!

The wealthy, powerful, and connected sit on high watching the masses struggle and fight in the arena. They place their wagers on the outcome as simple people strive for nothing more than a life of food, water, and shelter. The betting becomes intense as the outcome becomes more and more certain. All wagers shift to the obvious winner and as the house has predicted this years ago, it is only too happy to oblige. The fight slows. The fighters worn out. The outcome becomes questionable. The gamblers begin to panic as the fighters refuse to give a satisfying outcome. The house suspends all bets and the gamblers cry out in fury! This is not fair! We are ruined! The drones did not behave correctly! It is our right to exact justice!

The wealthy retire to their private jets and sky boxes to await the just decision of the referee. As the masses have failed the gentleman gamblers, let the masses pay the losses!

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