Monday, March 5, 2012

What Good Are The 99%?

Yeah, that includes me.

Two disruptive technologies have changed the world forever. The one that most people think of is the Internet, but that is not the most disruptive, nor the first. Container Shipping has done more to shrink the world than any technology since the steam engine. Even a massive spike in fuel prices would have little effect. Boats are really efficient and they have huge numbers of power options. The Internet doesn't use that much electricity and while India and China invest in 21st century infrastructure, the US is fighting 100 year old monkey trials and 50 years of keeping the government out of the bedroom.

So I ask the question "If India can do the programming and China can do the manufacturing, and a dozen guys in California can do the design funded by a handful of guys in New York, what use are the rest of us?"

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